Skype Playback Device Error – Easy Ways To Resolve This Issue

Skype Playback Device Error – Easy Ways To Resolve This Issue

Skype is one of the most useful software applications which allows us to carry out video calls. And you can use that anywhere in the world. This software application has thus become really popular. But the thing is that if you use this. Sooner or later you might come across some form of error or the other. The Skype playback device error is one of these.

Many users of this amazing video chat platform have reported the Skype playback device error Windows 10. If you are currently facing this issue when trying to make video calls with Skype, then there is no need to worry at all. You can fix this Skype error all by yourself. And the instructions that we have given here, in this article, is going to help you do just that.

So, keep reading through this article and you will get all the necessary information to fix this issue.

Possible Causes of the Skype Playback Device Error

Although we have said that you will be able to fix the Skype playback device error issue by yourself. But the thing is that Skype by itself is quite a complex piece of technology. It has a lot of functional components in terms of software that makes it work properly. That is why if you go ahead and attempt to fix this technical glitch, you might end up doing a lot of damage to the system.

So, you will need to find out why this issue is occurring in the first place. That is going to benefit you in ways more than just one. First of all, you will be able to avoid a lot of the different adverse effects.

And then, you will be able to save a lot of time when you are trying to fix this issue. So, let us take a look at the causes.

The Causes of Skype Playback Device Error

The first reason for this error that comes to mind is the different audio player programs. If a lot of these are playing in the background, then it is very likely that these are interfering with the necessary functions of Skype.

Then, on the same note like that of audio settings, there is a system for automatic audio control. If this is active, and on top of that there are some issues with it, then it might cause this issue as well.

Now, for Skype to run properly it is very important to make sure that you have selected the right playback device. If the correct one is not active for any reason, then this playback device error is going to be common.

Another thing that is very important for the proper functioning of Skype are all the configuration files. If they are corrupt, which can happen for a lot of different reasons including malware attacks. Or maybe it is that they are all out of date. Then, you are going to face this issue as well.

On the hardware side of things, any damage in the speakers may make itself manifest with this error.

And now that we have covered the possible causes of this issue, it is time to take a look at the solutions.

Methods to Fix the Skype Playback Device Error: A Stepwise Guide

In this section of the article, let us now take a look at all the solution methods for this error. Ideally, if you know why this error is occurring in your case, then you can go and apply the solution for that. You will get that from the list that we have given here.

But if that is not the case, then just execute these methods one by one. And that is going to fix the problem.

Deactivate the Audio Device for Some Time

Disabling the audio device of your computer for a short period of time can fix this issue. To do that, here are all the steps that you are going to have to take –

  • Press the Windows key and the X key at the same time. And from the window that appears, select the Device Manager option.
  • Now, when the Device Manager window opens, look for the audio device that is currently active. And after you find it, right-click on it and from the dropdown select the Disable option.
  • Wait for some time, before right-clicking on it once again. This time, select the Enable option from the dropdown list.

Finally, come out of the Device Manager window and check if the issue is there or not. If for any reason the playback device error in Skype still persists, go to the next step.

Select the Right Playback Device in Skype

In many cases, there are more than one audio playback devices in the system. And this playback device error occurs because of that.

The main reason being the selection of an incorrect playback device. So for this method, what we have to do is select the right one –

  • Go to Skype and open up the home window of the software. Once you are there, look for the Tools option and click on it, and then click on Options.
  • In the next window, look for the Audio Settings option and within that, click to expand the Speakers section.
  • Now, from the list that appears from there, search for the correct audio device and click on it.
  • Finally, click on the Save button in order to save all the changes that you have made.

Now, see if the issue is still there in your system or not. If yes, then move on to the next step.

Activate the Speakers and then Deactivate

Sometimes, the issue might be because of the speaker and in order to fix that. You will need to activate the speakers first and then deactivate it. Here are the steps you need to make that happen –

  • Look for the Speaker Icon on the home screen of the desktop. Once you find it, right-click on it and from the dropdown select the Playback Devices option.
  • Now, in the Playback Devices window that appears, look for the Show Disabled Devices option and the Show Disconnected Devices option. Click on the checkboxes next to these two.
  • Now, on the name of your audio device, right-click and from the dropdown menu, choose the Disable option.
  • Again, right-click on the name of the device and click on the Enable option from the dropdown.
  • To put the changes into play, click on the Apply button and finally click on OK.

This is very likely going to solve this issue. But if not, then you have the next step which might solve it.

Reset all the Different Configuration Files of Skype

There can also be issues with the configuration files of Skype, which if are corrupt. Then, these kinds of issues are going to be very common.

  • Firstly, log out of your Skype account and close the program.
  • Now, open up the Run dialogue box in Windows, by simultaneously pressing the Windows key and the R key.
  • In the Run dialogue box, enter the command %appdata% and then hit the Enter key. You can click on the OK button as well.
  • Now, in the window that appears, look for the Skype folder and change the name to Skype.old.
  • Get out of that window and open up the Skype program once again.

Now, you can check whether the issue is still there or not. If it is, then go for the next solution from this list.

Deploy UWP Version of Skype

In case the desktop edition of Skype fails to work properly and shows you this error. A simple workaround for that is to use the UWP version of Skype instead.

This has worked for many people who have previously faced this issue. And it can work out for you as well.

Only one thing is there that, the UWP version is not the most stable. So, even if you are able to make calls with that, it might be problematic.

It comes preinstalled with your system, all you have to do is select it and activate it.

Use the Troubleshooter for Audio

The Audio Troubleshooter can be a very useful thing for an issue like this. And to use the Audio troubleshooter to resolve this error, here are all the steps that you need.

  • Open up the Settings section from your computer system.
  • Look for and select the Updates & Security section, and after that click on the Troubleshooting button.
  • Now, look for the Recording Audio option and click on it.
  • After this, open up the Run the troubleshooter section.

From here, you are going to get all the necessary instructions on the screen. Carefully carry them out and that is going to help you fix this issue.

Finally, restart your computer to implement the solution completely.

Hopefully, these methods will help you. Finally, if all else fails then the last resort is to delete Skype and install it back again. For any other queries, post your comment.

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