Skype Can’t Connect Error [RESOLVED]: Ultimate Guide To Fix Skype Connectivity Issues

Skype Can’t Connect Error [RESOLVED]: Ultimate Guide To Fix Skype Connectivity Issues

Skype is an amazing app for making video and audio calls and sending urgent messages on chat that too without generating connectivity problems. According to a large group of users, they are experiencing the notification regarding Skype can’t connect error. 


So, if you are also facing any blockages to communicate over Skype app, follow this article to know more. 


Here, it will cover a range of issues, which can occur if Skype is not connecting due to any technical reasons. 


You can also go through this article to learn a few troubleshooting methods to fix this connectivity error in Skype. Hopefully, you will be able to resolve this Skype’s communication issue by applying the solutions discussed here.

Solutions You Can Try When Skype is Unable to Connect on Your Device:

Most of the users are experiencing the issue where Skype can’t connect error is popping up on their devices. Those who face it repeatedly on their systems, it can be a frustrating situation for not being able to connect to others due to this communication problem. 


Fortunately, there are some technical hacks, which can be applied for fixing the connectivity error in Skype app. 


So, if you are serious about troubleshooting this issue like a professional, keep reading the following methods.

Solution 1: Identify Issues by Checking the Status of Skype Heartbeat 

Skype users often forget to check the status of features associated with this application. So, if you are curious about getting the messages about ‘Skype can’t connect’, try to confirm Skype Heartbeat is working without any error. 


Hence, to obtain the working status of Skype’s Heartbeat feature, you can try the following steps. 


First, you need to access your Skype’s profile by entering the username and password for logging in. Then go to the section of ‘Help’ and click on the menu option. 


After that, choose the option of ‘Heartbeat (Skype Status) in order to check the status of Skype’s connectivity. 


Users can also visit the official website by typing the link on their web browser. If you open this page, you will find some of the Skype features below the heading of ‘Heartbeat’.


Now, see if the icon for Online number, SkypeOut, Skype SMS, and Skype Voicemail are working normally or not. The easiest way to detect the status is by the sign of a red heart beside each one of these icons. 


So, if any of these features are not working due to the connectivity error in Skype, you can consult a technician to fix it. 

Solution 2: Fix Common Skype Errors by Generic Methods

If you observe that Skype can’t connect, try to figure out the actual issue that is causing this error. So, let’s discuss a few problems that users can usually experience on Skype. 


The following points will also cover the troubleshooting tips to resolve these issues for reconnecting Skype.

What Problems can be Experienced Along with Skype can’t Connect Error?

Here are some of the commonly experienced issues, which can disconnect Skype in between an ongoing session. 

Problem 1: Calls are Dropping in the Middle of Conversations

This is a very annoying issue as the active calls can get dropped as Skype isn’t able to connect properly. It is also seen with the video calls during an active session, where users can experience the abrupt ending of the call. 

Fix 1: Repair Internet Connection and End Heavy Programs

If you are unable to reach out to someone by launching the call or video calling feature, try this solution. Often, the problem of call drops can occur when you are trying to use Skype with an unreliable Internet connection. 


It can be the case that whatever Ethernet or WiFi network is used by your device, it is not providing stable connectivity. Also, the Skype application can refuse to connect when the connection is extremely slow. 


Now, in order to troubleshoot this error, you need to close or force stop some specific apps on your PC. This includes various HD games, videos, and software, which can conflict with Skype’s app. 


If you have subscribed to the Skype’s premium membership plan, it can display the Skype can’t connect error Windows 10 notification. So, to continue to explore the features and uninterrupted or dropped calls on Skype by recharging your account. 

Problem 2: Skype Allows Calling with Poor Sound Quality

Out of many problems, this issue gives a tough time to Skype users by generating poor voice quality on calls. Yes, even if it may feel like this app is working properly on your system but, it has some audio errors. 


So, while making or receiving a Skype call, this issue can disable the microphone or speaker in this app. 

Fix 2: Configure Microphones and Speakers While Using Skype

To troubleshoot audio errors on Skype due to the connectivity problem, you will have to adjust the mics and speaker settings. Hence, open the advanced audio settings on the app or purchase a good-quality headset for fixing communication error. 


If you can’t configure Skype’s audio settings, you can take help from an expert. 

Problem 3: Altering Cameras in-between Calls can Stop the Videos on Skype

This is another frustrating issue that you can experience if the Skype app can’t connect properly. So, whenever Skype disconnects, users can observe technical problems in the webcam or live videos during the calls. 


This can also occur when you try to change the cameras and Skype fails to connect or recognize them. 

Fix 3: Use Webcam or Camera Approved for Skype Calls

Since Skype is sensitive to network issues and hardware installations, make use of compatible drivers and devices. Hence, if you notice that Skype can’t connect to the camera due to a communication error, try to select webcams supported for video calls. 


Otherwise, you can also go through the camera and video settings to check the driver compatibility on Skype. If you are unable to find the list of devices permitted for Skype calls, you can approach a technician.

Problem 4: Outdated Skype and/or OS can Prevent Communication on this App

When Skype blocks your access to its features due to a communication error, it can occur due to software problems. Usually, this video calling app can refuse to connect when the Operating System is not up to date. 


Apart from this, you can also experience this error if your system is running an outdated version of Skype. 

Fix 4: Install the Recent Skype Version and Windows Update

In order to run Skype on your Windows-based PC or laptop smoothly, make sure that you are using the latest version. Hence, you need to follow the step-wise method for keeping your OS as well as the Skype app up to date. 

Steps to Update Skype on Windows:

For updating Skype on older Windows versions (below Windows 10), visit the official website of this app or click on the web link Then, enter your username and password for login into your Skype account. 


Next, go to the tab for ‘Help’ and hit the option of ‘Check for updates manually’. Somehow, if you are unable to find the option of ‘Help’ on Skype, click the ‘Alt’ button. This will make the toolbar appear on your Skype application, where you can select the tab for ‘Skype’.


After that, click on the option of ‘Check for updates’ and wait for Skype to install them successfully. 

Steps to Perform Windows Update

In case, you come across the issue where Skype can’t connect error Windows 10, its best to update the OS. So, to apply this fix, hit the Windows Start menu and go to the tab of ‘Settings’. 


Now, click on the ‘Update & Security’ option and select the icon for ‘Windows Update’. Then hit the button for ‘Check for updates’ and allow Windows 10 to upgrade to its latest version. 


Once, the update process is completed, click on the tab for ‘Restart Now’ and hopefully, Skype won’t generate the connection error.

Problem 5: Skype can be Disabled or Blocked by Firewall or Third-Party Antivirus Program

There are situations when Skype can drop calls due to a misconfiguration in the firewall and security settings. The communication error can also arise when the Skype app experience interference from third-party software. 

Fix 5: Adjust Firewall Settings to Allow Access to Skype App

When you receive this error because the system’s firewall is blocking Skype, try the following steps. 


First, exit the active Skype window on your PC and disable the app to launch in the background. For applying this step, open your Firewall Settings window and locate the entry or icon for Skype. 


Then permit Skype to connect to the Internet and cave these changes by clicking on the ‘OK’ button.

In case, you want to prevent the conflict between Skype and other apps, use Control Panel to uninstall the specific programs. If you are still seeing the message about Skype can’t connect error, the main culprit for this problem can be the application itself.


Hence, you can use the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows logo and R buttons at the same time. Then, write ‘appwiz.cpl’ in the box and click on the ‘OK’ button. 


In the new window, locate the tab for ‘Programs and Features’ and select ‘Skype’. Now, right-click on this app and choose the option of ‘Uninstall/Change’. 


After Windows removes all the components of the Skype app, visit the website to download the recent version. Otherwise, you can obtain the Skype installer by following step by step guidance from professionals. 


If the connection error doesn’t get resolved by generic methods, you can consult a Skype technician to reconnect to the Internet.


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