Solutions to Fix Microsoft Edge won’t Close Error

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Solutions to Fix Microsoft Edge won’t Close Error

Despite being a Flagship Browser, Microsoft Edge is not free from persistent technological issues and glitches. One of the most recurrent problems faced by the users is the “Microsoft edge won’t close” error. Users frequently complain that the Edge Browser refuses to close occasionally leading the user to run into serious troubles.

Besides, users are also known to raise complains that on trying to close Microsoft Edge, a tab often freezes and the browser fails to shut down properly. However, not using Microsoft Edge is not really a solution to your problems.

Instead, in this article, we shall offer you 6 hacks that you can apply to resolve the glitch in no time. Thus, shed off your worries and read on our article thoroughly. 

Potential Resolutions to Redress Microsoft Edge Window Won’t Close Error

Under this section, we shall offer you premium strategic solutions that will enable you to fix the “Microsoft edge won’t close” error in no time. Thus, without wasting any further time, take a look at the solutions we offer. 

Solution 1:  Avail Task Manager to Close Edge if the X Button Fails to Work

When it comes to the remedial solutions, you would surely want to opt for the easiest and most effective ones for your problem. Indeed, Task Manager is the best option for you in case the X Button freezes. 

  • First, you must right-click on the Taskbar and choose the Task Manager option thereafter. 
  • Following this, you will have to choose the Edge option. You are most likely to come across this option under the Processor Tab.
  • Once successfully detected, you will only have to press on the button “End Task”.  

Alternatively, you can also close the Microsoft Edge Window by means of a Windows Hotkey. Press Alt+ F4 Hotkey. Once you do this, it will automatically shut down the Window that is selected.  

Solution 2: Initialize the Windows Store Application Troubleshooter

Still facing the “Microsoft edge won’t close” issue? Try shutting it down by means of launching the Windows Store Application Troubleshooter. 

  • If you are using Windows 10 version, then you will have to press on the Cortana button on the Taskbar. 
  • The moment you press on the Cortana button, the Application Search Box is going to get initialized.
  • When the Search Box opens, you must type “Troubleshoot” within the search box. 
  • From the resultant options that pop up on the screen, you must choose the Troubleshoot option in order to launch the Window. 
  • Thereafter, choose Windows Store Applications and click on the button “Run the Troubleshooter”. The Troubleshooter window will open.
  • Finally, execute the on-screen instructions properly to complete the troubleshooting process. 

Solution 3: Clean the Edge Browsing Data 

At times, Microsoft edge window won’t close simply due to the accumulation of corrupted browsing data in the Edge’s cache. Thus, simply clearing off the Browsing Data from the Edge’s cache can be an effective resort for your problem. 

  • Launch the Edge browser and click on the “Settings And More” button. 
  • Following this, you must click on the Settings button and scroll down to the option that  says “ Clear browsing data “
  • Once done, you will have to press on the button entitled “Choose what to clear”. 
  • The moment you press on the button, the Sidebar Settings is going to open up
  • Thereafter, choose the Data Checkbox and press on the Clear button to clear off the Browsing Data 
  • Finally, you will just have to reboot your browser all over again. 

Solution 4: Try Resetting the Browser 

One of the easiest of all the solutions is to reset the browser. Resetting the browser will enable you to retrieve Edge back to its initial default configuration. 

  • First, you need to launch the Cortana Application.
  • Thereafter, within the Cortana Search box, you need to type “Apps” and choose the option to activate the” Apps & Features” option.
  • Once done, you must scroll down to the Microsoft Edge icon and note if the error persists or not. 

How to Reset the Browser using the Search box?

You may find the above procedure too difficult to execute. We have yet another alternative procedure for resetting the browser. This is an easier alternative.

  • You will just have to feed in “Edge” within the Search box.
  • Next, you must choose Edge and press on the Advanced icon to open the rest of the Settings options.   
  • Thereafter, Click on the Reset option once again in order to confirm the process. 
  • Take note of the fact that you have the Repair button right at the top of the Reset option.
  • In case, the Edge Browser crashes frequently, you can sort the glitch by clicking on the Repair option instead.  

Solution 5: Turn Off the Extensions of the Edge Browser 

Are you still encountering the “Microsoft edge won’t close” issue? Well, no problem. We have yet another remedial resort for you. 

Essentially speaking, one of the potential reasons behind the occurrence of the hitch is the prevalence of a third-party Extension. Thus, the quickest and easiest solution for you is to turn off the extensions in question. 

  • You must click on the “Settings and more” option. From there reach out to “Extensions” option and click upon it. 
  • As soon as you do this, a sidebar is going to open up. From this sidebar, you will be able to choose your preferred extension and switch it off. 

Solution 6: Power Off the Internet Explorer

In case your Microsoft edge window won’t close despite trying over all the solutions stated above, you can try turning off the Internet Explorer. You can simply deselect the checkbox on your Windows Features and turn off the feature. 

  • Launch the Run Command by means of pressing the Windows Key + R simultaneously from your keyboard. 
  • Following this, type in the command “appwiz.cpl” within the Run Dialog Box. Then, click on the OK button. 
  • Once done, press on the option that says “Turn Windows features on or off “. As soon as you click on the option a window is going to open up. 
  • Now, you will have to simply deselect the “Internet Explorer 11 Checkbox”. 
  • Once done, click on the Yes icon in order to confirm your action. 
  • Finally, click on the OK button to shut the Windows. 

Parting Comments 

With this, it’s time for us to wrap up. We strongly recommend you to try out the workarounds we suggested above in case you are facing the “Microsoft edge won’t close” error. We understand that such an issue is quite frustrating for you. 

Therefore, we urge you not to leave the technical glitch unattended for long. Essentially speaking, such a glitch, if left unattended for long can prove to be quite harmful to Microsoft Edge Browser in the long run. 

You can try to get rid of the error yourself or seek expert assistance for the sticky technical hitch. Further, you can also leave a comment below and share your queries.

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