How To Fix MS Excel Has Stopped Working Error?

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How To Fix MS Excel Has Stopped Working Error?

The most common reason for this Microsoft Excel has stopped working Error to arise is due to corrupted office software installed by users. Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used data sorting software across the Globe. People prefer the Microsoft Excel because of manipulating data and for getting a complex scientific data analysis. With the latest technological advancements, users can make payrolls and marketing reports on their Workfield. However, the technical error can appear anytime. Microsoft Excel is not the exceptional case. Microsoft Excel Has Stopped Working is the error message that has seemed to the users.

Microsoft Excel has stopped working Error mainly occurs due to some corruption file of the Excel data. There is also much reason behind this particular error that we have listed below. Anyways, encountering with the error message is not a good thing to hear, notably if you saved your vital data on the Excel file.

Read the article correctly and try out the solutions which are given below. In case, you face any difficulty while troubleshooting, contact our Microsoft technical support team for further support.

Causes for the Microsoft Excel Has Stopped Working error

The error can hamper your workflow to a great extent. So, you have to resolve the issue as soon as possible. However, a virus infected system can be the cause behind the error. Sometimes, due to certain shut down of the system in a careless manner can cause behind the issue. If you often encounter with sudden power loss while working on the Excel file can boost the error.

There are many other reasons for the Microsoft Excel Has Stopped Working error, such as storage media issue, conflict in the operating system and some problem with the MS Excel application.

MS Excel Has Stopped Working Error

Steps to Fix MS Excel Has Stopped Working Error are as follows:

Step 1: Keep your MS Excel up-to-the-date

If users have somehow installed Microsoft Office which seems to be an outdated one then. They will most likely come across above troubles in Excel as well as other related application suites too. Users can resolve this MS Excel Has Stopped Working Error by just setting up Microsoft Windows to automatic download mode and install all needed updates.

Step 2: Disabling all of the faulty add-ins

Excel add-ins can sometimes make working in super easy mode, but sometimes issues may arise which may also arise due to fault add-ins. To get rid of MS Excel Has Stopped Working Error, it is suggested by MS Office Support technicians to disable all of the add-ins and re-enable them at the same by restarting Excel each time.

Step 3: Recompile Macros

Problematic macros can somehow fuel this type of error code but does that really mean that users should stop working altogether? Of course not! But yes one should recompile macros and do this, follow below instructions:

  • Launch your “Excel” and click on “Developer” icon. The next thing is to tap on “Visual Basic” icon and go to “Tools” option.
  • Users will be displayed with a “Options” window which will automatically appear on the screen. Just under the “General” tab, users are requested to clear out ‘Compile on Demand’ option.
  • Navigate to the “Project navigation” pane and right-click on “Module” section to select ‘Insert’ for the purpose of inserting a new module.
  • Save the spreadsheet and exit from your application.

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