Troubleshoot And Fix Skype Error 1603 With Easy-To-Apply Hacks

Troubleshoot And Fix Skype Error 1603 With Easy-To-Apply Hacks

When it comes to video chat for professional or personal purpose, Skype is one of the best applications. However, according to the majority of users, they are experiencing Skype error 1603 most frequently. So, it doesn’t matter which version of Skype you have installed on your PC but this issue can hit anytime. Sometimes, the users also get additional error codes along with this Skype problem like 1618 and 1619. Now, if you are currently experiencing this problem, refer to this article to know more about this error. Here, you will get to learn what are the actual reasons behind getting error code 1603 on Skype. Also, if you want to troubleshoot this Skype issue, you can try the solutions discussed in this content.

Reasons that Leads to Skype Error 1603 on your Device:

If your computer, laptop or any other device is showing Skype error 1603, there can be multiple reasons behind this. So, before discussing the solutions to fix this Skype problem, you need to understand its causes at first. Hence, let’s take a look at some of the possible issues which can trigger error code 1603 in Skype.

  • In case, the installation of Skype program didn’t execute properly or there are missing files, it can cause this error. Often, software modification like installation or uninstallation can result in generating the 1603 error message.
  • If there are corrupted files related to Skype software in your system, it can lead to Skype error code 1603. Due to corrupted entries in the Windows registry, Skype can often generate this error code on your computer.
  • Sometimes, the Skype error message can appear on your screen if your PC is having malware or virus issues.
  • If the Skype software is interfering with any other application running on your system, then it can lead to this error condition.
  • For some reason, if you have erased Skype related programs from your computer, this can also lead to error 1603.

Know How to Resolve Skype Error Code 1603 By Applying Technical Methods:

In order to fix the Skype error 1603, there are some effective solutions that you can easily apply to troubleshoot this issue. So, if you want to apply them, check out the fixes to remove the Skype issue in the section below.

Fixes for Resolving Error Message 1603 From Skype:

The issue of error code 1603 can be resolved by applying these simple tips.

Method 1- Make Sure that the Installation Directory is Free from Encrypted File

One of the main reasons why your system displays error code 1603 is when the installation directory has encryption issues. So, in order to ensure that Skype doesn’t produce this error message, check if it’s encrypted. Since encryption in the Skype installation directory can disable some of the features on this app. Hence, you can attempt to turn off the feature of encryption while installing Skype to resolve error 1603.

Method 2- Obtain Skype MSI Installer for your System and Install It

According to many professionals, the Skype error code 1603 can be removed by installing the MSI file. So, to install the full-fledged MSI setup on your computer, follow the step-wise instructions below to fix error 1603.

Step 1

First, install the Desktop version of Skype and save the file in the folder of SourceDir. Next, download the file ‘innoup.exe’ and store it to the SourceDir folder. Then launch the PowerShell script on your device and make sure that you are saving  ‘.\ExtractSetups.ps1’ to this folder.

After this, use the path link ‘Skype\SourceDir\\x86\install-script.iss’ for obtaining the Skype MSI setup. Also, install proper software for creating image files for your Skype installer or take help from ‘Main.WithSkypeLogos.wxs’ file.

Step 2

In the next step, keep the pixel size 493×312 for Skype background and develop the file of Resources\WixUIDialogBmp.bmp. For embedding this file and align it to the left, use the path link Skype\SourceDir\\x86\embedded\WizardImage.bmp.

Also, create another file with white background pixel dimension 493×58 and name it as ‘Resources\WixUIBannerBmp.bmp’. For this file, use the link ‘Skype\SourceDir\\x86\embedded\WizardSmallImage.bmp’ in order to embed this app. Now, use any icon extractor of your choice and extract the actual Skype icon for your system. You can also browse to the location Resources\skype.ico and store the ICO file for resolving Skype error 1603.

Step 3  

Next, search the Internet and obtain the latest version of Skype compatible with your Operating System. Then execute the file that ends with SourceDir\ExtractSetups.ps1 and registers the new Skype version.

Your next task is to modify the file ‘Build.cmd’ and ensure that the versions are changed for the first few lines. Many experts will suggest changing it for four lines at least for troubleshooting error notification about 1603. They also recommend to modify anything after these few lines and allow WiXheat.exe to create the necessary XML files for Skype MSI.

Step 4

Once, the above steps are correctly applied, hopefully, you will be able to create Skype MSI file by running Build.cmd. You can easily locate the setup file by browsing the location ‘Skype\ReleaseDir\Skype-x86-’. Now, if the error code 1602 doesn’t go away after running this MSI version of Skype, move on to the next solution.  

Method 3- Change Security Permissions for Skype

If the error 1603 is appearing while accessing Skype due to permit issues, you can try out this solution. Hence, the users need to obtain enough privilege as Administrator to operate Skype without this error code.

In order to apply this fix, start with pressing the Windows logo button and the R key at the same time. This will open the Run dialog box, where you need to enter ‘%temp%’ in the text field. Then hit the ‘OK’ button and wait for Windows to display the folder of ‘Temp’ on your screen.

You can now navigate to the path link ‘C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Temp’ and open the ‘Local’ folder. Next, you need to right-click on this folder and choose the ‘Properties’ option.

Then click on the ‘Security’ tab and hit the ‘Edit’ button on the next window. After that, press the ‘Add’ button and type ‘Everyone’ below ‘Enter the object names to select’. Now, hit the ‘OK’ tab and select ‘Everyone’ below the section of ‘Group or user names’.

You will have to put a tick sign in the ‘Allow’ checkbox beside the option of ‘Full Control’. Make sure to save these changes by hitting the ‘OK’ tab and begin the installation process for Skype.

If none of the solutions discussed in this article can troubleshoot Skype error 1603, try to remove the application files for this app. In case, the problem persists even after applying these fixes, you can contact a professional for fixing error code 1603.

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